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What did armored infantry (ex. 36th armored infantry regiment) do in ww2? Provide cover for tanks? Did they have a common job? Thanks


Armored infantry was an attempt to keep infantry up with the tanks.  Tanks can take ground but infantry is needed to keep it.  Also tanks have issue in towns.  By putting infantry in armored vehicles, which in World War 2 meant halftracks, the infantry could support tanks in combat.  Halftracks allowed infantry to use heavier weapons such as towed antitank guns, mortars or light artillery.  The Halftracks themselves would be armed with 75 mm antitank guns, heavy machine guns or even antiaircraft weapons.  Once armed infantry got near a target they would dismount their vehicle to attack or defend an area.  Sometimes the vehicles were use and sometimes not depended on the enemy forces and terrain. For instance in heavy wooded area the halftracks were not of much use and infantry had to walk.

Armored infantry had the same job of standard infantry but they need to move faster to screen tanks thus had heavier weapons to deal with enemy tanks and other enemy formations.  

I hope this helps and check out this book “World War II US Armored Infantry Tactics
by Gordon Rottman” it will got into detail as to armored infantry rolds and battles.  Also check out the below links

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