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I read with much interest your response to another persons question: "Here is a site that has rememberances of Peleliu from guys in your father's unit, the 3rd of the 11th.  The letter is the battery designation, they are listed after their names, like I-3-11, I battery 3rd battalion, 11th Marines.  One fellow, Daniel Bloom was in the H-3-11 on Peleliu."
My father James E LaMarsh was was FO/Scout and UDT for the 2nd battallion 11th marines on Peleliu, New Brittian, New Guinea and Guadacanal and was wondering if you new of another link I could access with rememberances as you posted for the other persons inquiry.
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Sadly with the advance of time, most of the unit associations from WWII are closing down due to there being no members still alive or capable of being active.  Only a few of the WWII vintage vets were internet savvy enough to set up sites and the number of them are fading quickly.  Tribute sites are set up mainly by children or grand children with an interest, and you may be able to make connections with some of those.  I have provided a list below of unit bulletin boards and other sites that may be of help.

On a personal note.  I lived on Okinawa when I was a kid, and had an abiding interest in the pacific campaign.  I visited Peleliu in the early 90's.  One of the things that struck me in my readings, is that the beachhead on Peleliu while appearing to be large, was much smaller than you might think. In reading a number of first person accounts of the landing and subsequent crossing of the landing field, it was apparent that I was reading descriptions of the same events from different vantage points on the battlefield.  I might suggest that you obtain and read, if you haven't already, the books written by 1st Mar Div vets.  You might find some interesting kernels in them, possibly events described by your father, but as seen by different participants.  Some Suggestions.  Good By Darkness, by William Manchester.  With the old Breed, Eugene Sledge, Robert Leckie Helmet for my Pillow.  All three were on New Britain, Guadalcanal, Peleliu and Okinawa.  The latter two were the basis for the mini series The Pacific, which in my opinion was dreck.  They got so many things wrong, that it was hard for me to watch.  One event stands out, the crossing of the airfield.  First, the Navy laid down a smoke barrage and although the air field was under fire, the Marine infantry crossed it. But they did so at a walk, it was over a mile to the end of the strip, although some Marines hit the fringe of the jungle on the west side sooner, the block houses depicted in the film were at the far end, at or nearly a mile distant, none of them could have crossed it at a sprint as depected in Speilberg's film, and they didn't do it in Banzai charge fashion either.
All the injecting of morality from 2004 or whenever it was filmed, was nauseating.  None but Sledge voiced any moralizing over having to take a life in their books and certainly none of the voiced any regret over the dropping of the bomb on Hiroshima.  Speilberg is known for that kind of crap.   Good luck with your quest for more information on your father.

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