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Hello Mr. Horrel,

I am looking for a list of all the transport ships available or that 'could' have been available to the US forces in the Aleutian Islands from June 3rd to 17th 1942. I have the following APs, AKs, AO, APDs etc.:
APD Crosby
AP Comet
AP Chaumont
AP J. Franklin Bell
AP Matsonia
AP Maui
AP President Filmore
AP St. Miheil
AP US Grant
AP William H. Point

AK Spica
AK Vega

AO Brazos
AO Cimarron
AO Guadalupe
AO Kaloli
AO Kaskaskia
AO Platte
AO Ramapo
AO Sabine

AE Shasta

I am also interested in the AVPs and have the following:
AVP Avocet
AVP Barnegat
AVP Biscyane
AVP Casco
AVP Mackinac
AVP Pelican
AVP Teal
AVP Yakutat

Regarding the AVPs. I am interested in any specific information about how many planes they could service in a certain period of time, if they required a long time to set-up and tear down a float-plane/Seaplane refuelling area, etc.

Finally, I am curious about the composition of the Patrol Wings (PATWING4 etc.) that served in this area, during this time. I have read many articles in the internet trying to find out which planes they flew in this period and exactly how many planes they had available.

The same for the 11th Air Force. I have found a number of contradictory sources in the internet about what planes were being flown, how many of each type of plane was available and where they were stationed from June 3rd to June 17th.

I realize it is a tall order, but I would appreciate any expert help that you can provide.

Best Regards,


Dear Sir,
       Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "I am looking for a.......AE Shasta".  From your list, the only ships I could determine that 'could' have been available were the "AP Chaumont" and the SS President Fillmore.  Please note, many of the ships on your list were not "AP" but cruise ships pressed into service.  
       The following WAS [WAS] a troop ship "available to the US forces in the Aleutian Islands from June 3rd to 17th 1942."

Departure Date:   June 17, 1942
Departure Location:   Seattle Port of Embarkation
Troop Ship:   USAT Wm. L. Thompson
Unit Onboard:   176th Engineer General Service Regiment
Arrival Date:   June 24, 1942
Arrival Location:   Valdez, Alaska

       In your question you typed "I have read many articles in the internet" and "I have found a number of contradictory sources in the internet".  Since you seem to be experiencing displeasure with "the internet" may I suggest you continue your research utilizing a book!

United States Army In World War II
The Western Hemisphere
 Guarding The United States And Its Outposts
  by Stetson Conn, Ross C. Engelman & Byron Fairchild

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Army Air Forces In World War II
by Wesley F. Craven & James L. Cate

Volume one:  Plans And Early Operations, January 1939 To August 1942

       In your question you typed "I realize it is a tall order, but I would appreciate any expert help that you can provide."  Books are our friend.
       Good Luck with your quest.

  Happy Holidays,
   Richard V. Horrell
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