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Hi Michael,

My name is Aaron Johnson, I've recently been doing some research on a bunch of WW2 documents, patches, medals, and photos that belonged to my grandfather. From what I've learned so far,he was a TEC 4 in the H&S co., 121st ECB, 29th division. He was rewarded the bronze star for his actions during D-Day in Vierville. He was with this unit, I believe until the end of the war. Nothing in his separation paperwork says otherwise. So to get  to my question, All of the patches he has matches what I have learned so far with the exception of one. He does have a few 29th division patches, but there is one patch that looks fairly worn that is a shoulder patch of the 69th division (a red 6 with a blue 9 interlocked). Its been bugging me that I can't find a reason for him to have had the patch. And to add to this, while going through his pictures I found one of a soldier he took multiple pictures of. In one hes wearing the 29th patch. In the other hes wearing the 69th patch. I figured that if he transferred divisions it would be listed in his paperwork, but it is not. I also have some indication that he went to Biarritz, France  after VE day. Where there was apparently a sort of soldier's university. Anyways I hope you can help me figure this out. Thank you so much. Aaron

It is very possible and most likely that he was transferred for a temporary time to the 69th to "fill in" to another engineer unit while refitting, re-manning or stationed at a certain post with other elements of different divisions, brigades and regiments.My Grandfather served in some 10 different Sea-Bee units in the Pacific although only two show up on his official discharge papers. It is more than likely in this case, it is the same. Being a Combat Engineer he would have been in demand for many duties from mine clearing to bridge demolition etc etc etc. Hope this helps.

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