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I have what appears to be a ww2 us infantry helmet it's just the steel cap and chin strap there is a white line going around the base of the helm and what looks like remnants of a rank or unit insignia was wondering if you had information about what unit this belongs to or if it's real. Any help would be fantastic


Okay, lets see what we can do.  There were a lot of different helmet types, believe it or not.

Check inside the front lip, and see if there are any stamped numbers.  Second are the strap bales still intact, those are the connectors for the straps along either side.  Those changed over time and will give us an idea of the time the helmet was made.  Fixed ones that were welded on were used for most of the war, late in the war they changed to swivel bales, ones that moved.  They were used in late WWII and Korea.

The white band was usually used for easy recognition.  Most I have seen marked that way were MP helmets.  But it would have had MP painted on the front. Here is a thread on the subject and some descriptions of what the MP BNs were authorized to wear by the various divisions.

Other likely authorizations might have been for beach masters and the like.  

Hope this helps.

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