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Dear Sir, Hello! I have a question that relates to my fathers service in WW2. I have had very little luck and hope you can help. My father arrived   roughly Sept. Of 1945 , to Japan. Prior to this he was in 169th infantry regiment, 43rs Infantry division, Luzon PI.The records state he was assigned to HHB 271st field artillery Battalion. On separation qualification record it states his job as Operations chief and intelligence NCO, sections S2, S3.under education received ,it states none. I know he went to basic at Camp Robinson Arkansas. My father mentioned after that he spent some time in Maryland after basic, then went overseas. His record was destroyed at NPRC. I have little to go off. I was wondering if you could shed any light on what his job in Japan would have entailed? I have a copy of the 1st Cav. Occupation diary, but it is rather vague. My dad was discharged as Technical Sergeant.(not T/4, etc.) many thanks, and Best regards, Mark


It is an honor to help.  If your father kept his intelligence hat when he worked with the artillery his job would have been counter battery fire.  Meaning it was his job to find enemy artillery for his guns to fire at.  In Japan he would have been part of the occupation forces.  In Japan his job would have been to keep the piece and most likely spent little time with artillery.  US troops helped demilitarize Japan and helped build a new country that is a strong ally of the US today. His training in Maryland would have been at the Aberdeen Proving Ground.  This was an artillery school.  

I wish I had more specific data for you.  Please check out the links as they will help.  The first link should help in finding others who served in the 43rd.  There are several support organizations that exist and they may be able to help in finding more specific information.  

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