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I am trying to track my son-in-law's grandfather's military service in WWII as a route to tracing his grandmother who was a "GI Bride" from Germany.

I found the following designation for him - Sgt, Dec "C" 7907th AF BN

Can you explain this to me?  I can find a 7907th AF BU but not BN but the document clearly states BN.

I would appreciate any pointers to tracing the location of this unit between 1943 and 1948 when he was discharged.  Thankyou

Hello Kerr, most likely it was a "typo" on the "BN" rather than being "BU", but do you have any photos of the son in law's G dad ??????? This would possibly help in IDing a unit/s he may have been with, usually but not always an AAFBU(7907th) was the last unit a person was with for being discharged ............................

If you have any photos even of aircraft they have codes etc that may help , I can try from those , otherwise I don't have much to go on, sorry I've not been too much help , let me know on the photos , all the best and Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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