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Iam trying to find more information on my dads cousin Robert  Durian. I thought one time (years ago)my dad told me that Robert had to abandon ship  off the Lexington.  My sister told me that Robert won a navy cross while assigned to the lexington. I learned that the first lexington cv-3 was sunk at the battle of the coral sea and they renamed a new carrier the lexington cv-16. How do I find out if he was on the first lexington, and also about his navy cross. If I can remember I thought he flew a torpedo plane. Any information would be helpfully.

Thank you
James Durian

Hello James, this one is a little out of my area of knowledge, but I can suggest a site that is free to join and post on and has people that are more into the awards and tracking down where/when etc as to ships duty etc , the site is ,  US Militaria Forum .

I'm a member there and have helped others with emblems of aviation types ,their ID's and such which is more my thing.

Anyway , I'm sure you'll get replies once you post , also suggest you try to see if there's an online website for the Lady Lex , which I'm sure there should be and contact their unit historian, he may be able to shed some light on your relatives service records .

Hope this helps, and good luck in what you're doing , also find out via the Lexington site what "VT" unit/s were onboard at the time of his service that would help too knowing it and you can check to see if they have a website for help .

Good luck and have a great day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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