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Hello- I was looking for information on tank battles which Rommel led and went against the Americans.  I believe the Americans didn't directly enter North Africa until May 11th 1942,  but even if I knew that, I'd still like to know when he went against USA. Can you help me idenitfy the tank battles Rommel went against the Americans?


Rommel went head to head with the Americans at Kasserine Pass.  Later, when he was sick and evacuated to Germany, his replacement, Gen Von Arnim led the Africa Corps on the offensive against Patton's 2nd Corp who held the oasis at El Guettar.  After two ill fated and costly attacks, the German's broke off the attack and the 2nd Corp went on the offensive.

Rommel never went back to Africa he was given a Field Marshall's baton and transferred to France to oversee construction of the Atlantic Wall coastal defenses.

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