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Hello again. I have been able to locate both my guy (Lars Bredberg) & Jacob Johan Ankarstrom in the 1780 & 1782 General Muster Rolls. Lars was in the Lif Company under Carl Pontus Lilljehorn and JJ Ankarstrom was in a different company under Otto Gabriel Cronstedt. Help was obtained from Elisabeth Thorsell. Lilljehorn is listed as 1 of the conspirators, but wrote the letter to King Gustav III warning him of the plot.
Ridding was in the same company & a close part of the actual attack. A letter on the Internet by Anders Moberg elaborates on all of this. Was the Life Company more closely involved with guarding the King than other companies?

The Life Company (the First Company) has a special position in the regiment. The king is ALWAYS honorary commander of the whole regiment! In older times he was more than that. At least in theory he WAS the actual regiment commander. The commanding officer of the regiment was therefore not called regimental commander but sekundchef (= secondary commander) The last officer with that title Brigadier General Selander is still alive but of course retired and I still meet him regularly on official occasions. In the same way the king himself is (yes still officially, I think this is something some politicians have overlooked or not been told of) in theory the real commanding officer of the Life Company. The commanding officer there (he who does the every day practical work)is therefore called in Swedish Disponenten (he who has got the company in his disposition). In Finland Swedish (Finland is a bilingual country like Canada with both Swedish & Finnish as official languages - they are about as related as English & Japanese, Norwegian, Danish & Icelandic on the other hand are VERY closely related to Swedish, they are all like dialects of one single language) disponenten means the superintendent of a building. So here the name disponenten is very special. And by tradition this company had special security duties. I do think this answers your question. Please see also my previous answers!

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