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Hello.  My daddy (H Kenneth Diehl) has long since passed (1996) and he never would discuss his time in WWII.  I wish now I would have pressed a little more.  Either he saw some very terrible things, or as a PFC MP maybe he was pretty much a base cop and didn't experience anything terribly traumatic.  

Active:  8 Mar 43   Separation:  13 Dec 45  I have been told that Block 31 that says SS-M1 Rifle 30 Cal tells us that he was a Sharp Shooter.  :)

I would like to know about these blocks:

6.  449th Bomb Sq 322nd Bomp Gp   Anything special about this group?

30.  Military Policeman (677)  What is 677?

32.  GO 33 & 40 WD 45  Normandy   So. France   Rhineland    Central Europe   Any chance he would have dealt with Holocaust survivors?

33.  Good Conduct Medal  EAME Thr Ser Med w/4 Br Strs  Victory Medal      The first and last are pretty much self explanatory, it's the middle I would like to know more about.

40.  AR 615-365 RR1-1 Demobilization    Any special signifigance here?

55.  ASR Score (2 Sep 45) 71   What does this mean?

Thank you very much for your assistance and I look forward to hearing back.  Ginger Platt, Cocoa FL


It is an honor to help.
The 449th bomber squadron was a medium bomber group; meaning it few B-26 twin engine bombers or medium bombers.  Most likely he was assigned as guard for the pilots and crew and also to protect the aircraft.  677 was the Military Occupational Classification for a MP or Military Policeman.  It is possible he dealt with survivors but most likely he was assigned to airfields to protect men and machines of the Army Air Force.  The middle medal was a medal give to men who served in European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign.  AR 615-365 RR1-1 was a standard form when a man left the military so nothing special. ASR score a system setup to determine if a military man could be sent back to US.  Basically did someone serve their time and could be discharged.

I hope this helps and check out the links they may help.  

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