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QUESTION: Don't know where you got your figures on British dead in Palestine 1945/48, but they are wrong. True numbers are {Royal Navy (9) RM Commando (1) ARMY (699)RAF/RAFVR(68)RAAF (1) ATS (2) WAAFS (2) QUAIMS (2) TOTAL  785  LAST THREE ENTRIES WERE WOMEN (6)   This is not counting wounded or British members of Palestine Police killed on duty

ANSWER: Dear John,
        I looked up my previous answers on All Experts and have never to my knowledge stated this in an answer. May God Bless-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard

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QUESTION: SIR,  If I give you names and regiments or corps will believe me

ANSWER: Dear John,
        I went back and again checked after I had opened the ones that I had answered where it had stated QUESTION and found it. This was the first question I had ever answered on All Experts which was ten (10) years ago! My question to you is why is this so important since the web site you got your number from wasn't placed up until after I had already posted my answer. No one has disputed the figures I submitted and now to come back ten years later and say I lied is ridiculous. I was using the most current information available at that time. I suppose that if I had nothing to do all day that I could find something wrong with answers other individuals have submitted.

Respectfully Submitted,

Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard     

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QUESTION: I am not calling you a lair, but  britains small wars  website has been running for a number of years now.   Open same and open   outrage and exudus

Dear John,
        The site was started in 1999 but by the owners of the site have put up the information as they were able to get it and had the time. It did not become well known on the Internet until around 2006 due to the fact that they had built up a following and their information was now being cited as a reputable source.

Respectfully Submitted-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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