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QUESTION: Atomic bomb information was given to the Soviets
by Jewish people.
     What do you think was their motive?
Greenglass, Rosenberg,  Fuchs,  et etc

   Were Jews sympathetic to Communism?   Or were they
sympathetic to Jew ism?
    I don't understand.   Was it a Jew thing or Communist thing
or is there a connection.?  Is it or was it a THING ?

         Does it still exist?
     Thanks        Dick

ANSWER: Greetings

Sadly many people turned to communism.  Some for economic reason, others for revenge and a host of other reasons. It was not just a small number of Jews but union workers, intellectuals, and politicians were attracted to communism.  The Rosenbergs were synthetic to the USSR not to other Jews.  The Soviet treatment of Jews was horrible.  Each person is responsible for their own actions.  To blame a group for the actions of a few is illogical.  The nation of Israel is not a communist state and is a thriving democracy in terms of politics and economy plus they have no oil.  There are still people attracted to communism even it has killed more people in the last 100 years than can be counted.  Stalin had at least 20 million murdered under his rule.  Ideas become hot for a while they wane.  The nature of history is change.
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QUESTION: I appreciate your answer.

 Israel puzzles me.  We GIVE them 3 billion dollars per year,
and we have a national debt of 17 trillion.   And they spy on us
         They want Pollard released from prison and it's becoming
a bargaining, negotiating process.
 I wish I knew more about all this.
        Is there anything more I should know?
Do you have an opinion?

First off countries donít have friends they have allies or enemies.  Israel and the US are allies but we both keep an eye on each other. Yes we give the Israelis money mainly in form of discounts on weapons but our return is worth more than gold.  The Israelis test every weapon we sell them and improve them.  They use US equipment in combat and real world situations.  The Israelis over the year have given the US an entire squadron of soviet aircraft ranging from MIG 17s, 19s, 21s, and 23s.  Also the Israelis have turned over huge amounts of Intel on Soviet and Russian surface to air missiles.  That is why US stealth works so well.  I am not in favor of retuning Pollard right now but things change.  The Israelis also have helped in the civilian sector the dual core process or was invented in Israel by Intel engineers.  Also the Kinect for the Xbox 360 was developed in Israel.  

The F-16 became the hottest selling western fighter after the Israelis used it to bomb an Iraqi nuclear reactor and remove the Syrian Air Forces from the skies in early 1980s.  

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