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Hi Johnny.  My Great Grandmother was working at Wright's Air Force base and made all of the copies of the original Japanese surrender papers and made 3 copies for her children and took them off the base in her the story is told. It is a large paper no binding.  My Mother has her copy and I'm not sure where the other two copies are. It is suppose to be directly from the original. Just curious of the value if any.
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Well if the papers were copied from "original" documents ,I would think a serious collector of WW2 history would be interested in them, the only problem you may come up against in the process of trying to sell them is positive "proof" of the papers authenticity , as some collectors are hard core when it comes to proof of origin of items .

If you decide to sell them I would suggest you find something to back up the papers from books etc , online info , whatever you can that would help in the "proof" on them .

I wouldn't know where to begin as to their "value" the word in itself has a lot of leeway , one person may think it's just "info" another a priceless artifact from WW2 , it will matter as to where you decide to offer it up and again good proof of their "authenticity " .......

Anyway , best of luck to you on this , my area of knowledge is more in the area of aviation unit emblems and their backgrounds,details, colors etc ..................

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