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For insurance purposes, I'm hoping to find the value of an Arisaka bolt action rifle that I inherited from my Grandfather.  My curiosity has been raised because it has something other than the Imperial Chrysathemum Seal, the wood finish seems to be lighter than others I've seen, and it seems to have a rather low serial number (three digits).  If you could help, I'd sure appreciate it.  I've included the markings from the gun, other than the serial number.  Thanks!

You have a very unusual Typ99.  Do you know when your Grandfather serviced in the military?  This doesn’t look like a Japanese built Type99 but is similar to several knock offs made in China in the 1940s.  Type 99s was used by both South and North Korean forces.  Near the end of World War 2 the Japanese were desperate for weapons and started getting guns made in China and Korea.  After World War 2 some of the guns fell into the hands of the Communist Chinese and what would become the South Korean Army.  Your gun looks in fantastic shape, but I would have a Gunsmith look at it.  Prices vary but 300 to over 1000 dollars is possible but again have a gunsmith look at it.  

I wish I could give you more information but check out the links as they may help.

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