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Dear Colonel Lynn,
First and foremost- thank you for your service to our country and for reading my communication. I have a puzzle that I am trying to put together and I am wondering if you might provide some insight...

My father, Fred Wyman Warnell-Co. A 132nd AOMB-10th Armored division, passed away this last February and took the answers with him. At issue, are his medals earned as well as a unit citation.

I have in my possession a newspaper article that speaks to him having earned (paraphrasing here)the right to wear the PH,a distinguished unit citation, and a recommendation for a BS medal for actions taken on April 19.

Here is the missing puzzle piece:
No Morning Reports mention any of this with Co A. There is also nothing in the SO's of the 132nd that speak to this point( a College Park employee looked through those orders for mention of my Dad). His discharge paper mentions none of the extra things that are in the article. Dad was very sick just prior to his discharge( in and out of Madigan at Ft. Lewis).

I have hired researchers and now have all of the MR's that mention Dad's name from Co A . They mention him Dy to furlough on 31 May 1944 ( the 10th shipped out 12-13 Sep 44) but they do not mention him returning to Dy or make any mention of him until 6 July 45 when he was transferred out for rotation back to the U.S.

Due to the specific nature of the article and the mention of the date of 19 April, I am wondering if he might have been attached to a different unit for a short time in the ETO? The MR's don't suggest this but I am aware that mistakes did happen when preparing these documents.

I have reached somewhat of a dead end as I can't afford a researcher to go beyond the MR's and such and frankly I don't know where else to look. I have requested a copy of a GO from the 10th Armored ( suggested to me by Howard Liddic of the 10th Armored Veterans Chapter). That will take some time. If it wasn't for the article, none of this would be even on my radar. Dad was an honest man and I am quite certain he wouldn't make any of this up. I can provide attachments of any of this to you if you would be willing to look at what I have.

I welcome any advice/thoughts you may have. Once again, Thank You for your service to our country and for the advice...

Kindest Regards,

George L Warnell

Dear Mr. Warnell,
         I recently researched your request and would suggest you wait until you get the book on the General Orders of the 10th Armored Division. On 19 April 1945, the 10th Armored Division was crossing the Rems River and taking Kirchheim under heavy fighting which could probably explain why some paperwork is missing and that is why I'm advising you to wait until you get the book on the General Orders and read through it for any mistakes. May God Bless-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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