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I would be most appreciative if you could supply me with information concerning the following ships:S.S.Cape Flattery '42-'43, S.S. Elwood '43. S.S Pennsylvania '43, s.s. Frederick j. Turner '44,Drexal Victory '45. My father Gm2c served on these ships.

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       The following information is provided:

*SS Cape Flattery was built as a Liberty ship by Todd Shipyards in Tacoma, Washington with the hull number 2. Was delivered on 29 May 1941 and served as a troopship in the Pacific Theater of Operations in 1943 and was scrapped in 1971. This ship was classified as a C1-B

*SS Elwood was built as a Liberty ship and then re-named the Haynes-hull number 2739 or Meade-hull number 2579. This ship was classified as a EC-2.

*SS Frederick Jackson Turner was built as a Liberty ship with the hull number 0446.

*SS Drexal Victory was built as a Victory ship with the hull number 744. This ship was classified as a VC2-S-AP2.

*SS Pennsylvania was built as a U.S. turbo-electric ocean liner. She was built and completed in 1929 by Newport News Shipbuilding and was refitted and renamed as the SS Argentina in 1938. From 1942 to 1946, she was with the War and Shipping Administration where she operated as the Troopship Argentina. She operated as a USAT or United States Army Transport Ship.

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