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Military History/1126th MP CO (AVN) in the Philippines.


My father was in the 1126TH MP Co. (AVN)(USAAF).  According to his WD AGO FORM 53-55 his date of enlistment was 27 Nov and his separation was 18 Feb 46. he went overseas on 04 Oct 45 PTO 26 OCT 45, 19 Jan 46 USA 09 Feb 46,  his Foreign Service was 0 years 04 months 06 days.  I want to know more about his Unit he served with as a MP attached to the 5th Aviation Group.  Can you help me with any information regarding his assignment during his in Country stay.
I just want to add that I'm also a Vietnam Veteran and want to thank you for your service.  I was with D 2/12 Cav., First Air Cav. Div. from Jan 69 to Feb 70.  My area of operation was mostly in the Tay Ninh Provence and LZ Grant was where we worked out of most of my year there.  Welcome home.
Ronnie A. Gainer

Hello Ronnie, this is a little outside of what I work with , But I can suggest a good free site to join and post your question on as I believe this site has the best people for what you're seeking, they have a lot of people who know how to search out specific units and what people did in those units etc , I wish you good luck with this and all the best !!!!!!!!!!!!

The site is

BTW thank you also for your service and welcome home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was Navy on a Carrier and I worked arresting gear .

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