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I have a ammunition wooden box, with a rope handle on top, its says ammunition for cannon with explosive projectiles.

on the side is says          4778-c225
1315-555-          m43a1 w/fuze pd
         m1 and m29
4 ctg 81mm he
m525 for mortars          lot         tnt
weight 50.0          ma-7-28 0
cu 1.05
loaded 4-68

could you tell me anything at all about this box please, and is it worth anything. thanks

Dear Brenda,
         The box contained M525 PD Fuses for 81mm mortars as well as M43A1 High Explosive ammunition. The markings on the box looks like it is from the Vietnam War-era and I'm unaware of how much something like this goes for. You can list it on EBay though. I hope this answers your question and May God Bless-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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