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I cannot seem to find an answer to this one on the internet. Perhaps it is how the military fought wars back in the days of D Day, so I was wondering why the military sent a lot of people by ship, to a beach in Normandy, instead of flying behind the beach, and dropping a lot of soldiers on the ground, where they then could walk back to the back of the beach? All the bunkers were facing the water, not backwards.


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  My apologies for the late reply. The Allies did air drop several thousand troops behind enemy lines before the beach invasion started. the plan was a two pronged invasion by Sea and air. The air drops how ever were a disaster with more than 60 % of the troops being dropped far from their landing zones and mis planning on the part of the Allies. The idea was to secure the inland routes in order to cut of German reinforcements and then to gather the allies for the liberation of France and the eventual push to Germany.


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