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trying to find out more info. my dad and the crew of the B-24 that got shot down on 02-27-1945 plane # 44-48775 combat group 47 sq455 group 742 B/S i have found allot of info but hoping to find out if any of the crew were still around or there family my dad was the bombardier on the plane George A. Muise jr 2nt LT.
att.= have all the crews service #S
I Don't know allot about searching for all the data id like to have ..

Thank You  Robert L. Muise    {son}

Dear Mr. Muise,
         You can contact the U.S. Air Force Historical Research Center at Maxwell Air Force Base in your search engine on your computer and you can get the following book that will answer all your questions in relation to your father's aircraft:

*Aircraft Record Cards Of The United States Air Force: How To Read The Codes by Robert A. Mann

I hope this helps and May God Bless-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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