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QUESTION: I have recently come to possess several items that were my father's.  I came across his WWII paperwork (WD AGO Form 53_55, Form 100  and DD 256 A) and am trying to run down a few things.  One is his Military Qualifications.  Box 31 lists:
Mkm M1 Rifle  S Carbine  2nd Cl Gnr SMG

What I can tell is a Marksman with M1 Rifle, and a 2nd Class Gunner on sub machine gun? Not sure on the S Carbine.  ANy ideas?

ANSWER: Greetings

You are correct in your observation. As to S Carbine it means satisfactory with the M-1 Carbine.  Meaning he passed his basic training using the M-1 Carbine.  One of my favorite small arms from the 2nd World War.  

Check out the link for a history of the M-1 Carbine.
Thank you

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Great.  Thank you.  
As a follow up to that, what is the difference in medals between the Marksman and the 2nd class gunner?  What I am finding on the Internet is they look to be the same.  I am replacing my fathers medals and would like to have these 2 also in the shadowbox.

From my research a Marksman would have a medal that looks like an Iron cross with a tag under it saying Rifle, sub machine gun, carbine and etc.  Depending of which weapon the soldier was listed as an expert in.  

I have included some links that should help.

Thank you  

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