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Military History/Question about Hitler in the newsreels


QUESTION: Dear Robert

Hope you are keeping well and here is another question about the Fuhrer...I did ask you this on Answerway once but we never quite finished dealing with it before we lost touch so can I ask it again?

1/ During WW2, could people in Britain see Hitler in the newsreels in the cinema?
2/ During WW2, could people in the US see Hitler in the newsreels in the cinema? (bear in mind that this second question requires two answers - one for before Pearl Harbour and one for after).

The really interesting thing about this question is that if you ask anybody who was an adult during the war, they always say they can't remember...

Hope you find this one interesting to research,

All the best, and thanks once again,

Paul Murphy, (Denberg on the old Answerway)
London, UK.

ANSWER: Dear Paul,
        Hello Paul and here are your answers:

1. Yes, they could see Hilter in the newsreels.

2. Yes, the U.S. could see Hitler both before and after 7 December 1941 in newsreels.

May God Bless-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Robert

Thanks so much. Actually this is a different kind of question from the kind I usually ask as my mum - born in 1934 - wanted to know the answer. She said she couldn't remember, but she didn't think that people in the UK could have seen him as "where would they have got the film from"?

Could you expand a bit please - where did you find the answer?

Thanks as ever, you're superb!

Paul Murphy

Dear Paul,
        When the U.S. build-up started in England in 1943 for D-Day, the "Why We Fight" films by Frank Capra were shown in the U.K. to keep morale up and to remind who the Allies were fighting. I hope this answers your question and May God Bless-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard

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