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Mr. Horrell,

I would like to know more about my father's service in the Navy during WW2. The copy of his discharge papers is really faded and difficult to read, but here is what we can determine.He entered active service on October 4, 1944. He was at Pearl Harbor when the war ended and I have a photo of "Pearl Harbor Victory Lights". He was honorably discharged on June 27, 1946. He was at Great Lakes, Illinois and Davisville, Rhode Island. He served in the 37th Naval Construction Battalion &the 35th "Sp."--"special"??)Naval Construction Battalion He also served on the USS LST 611 which we looked up and is a tank landing ship, named USS Crook County...which may have been in a couple of landings in the Philippines when he was there... He was awarded the Asiatic Pacific Medal and the Victory medal. Any assistance you may provide would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hello neighbor,
       Thank you for your question.  First off, I suggest you obtain your father's personnel file.  It exists, & is located at:

National Personnel Records Center
1 Archives Drive
 St. Louis   MO   63138

A simple letter-of-request, including your father's name, who you are & that your request is for genealogical purposes ONLY.
       As to the 37th Naval Construction Battalion & the 35th Special Naval Construction Battalion, I have a brief history for each unit.  At the end of this reply I will include my mailing address.  Please send a post card to my mailing address.  On the post card list your mailing address.  I will then send photocopies of the unit histories to your mailing address.  You may also wish to contact:

Department of the Navy
Naval Historical Center
 805 Kidder Breese S.E.
  Washington Navy Yard
   Washington   D.C.  

to learn if they have a unit history for either unit.
       I can also include a bit of history of the USS LST-611, which was named USS Crook County after September 2, 1945.
       I will eagerly await a post card from you via First Class U.S.P.S.

   Richard V. Horrell
    WW 2 Connections
     2011 Richard Jones Road
      Apt      E 26
       Nashville   TN   37215-2837

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