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Uncles Headstone
Uncles Headstone  
QUESTION: My uncles headstone has puzzled me for many years.  See attached.  He died in southern France in Sept 1944.  And he was in Italy before southern France.

His headstone reads PVT 3 INF 3 INF DIV

I assume this would normally read 3rd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division.

My question is that the 3rd Infantry Division had a 30th Regiment, but I have not found anything referring to a 3rd Regiment.  Can you shed any light on this?

ANSWER: Greetings
There was a Battalion called the 3rd Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment History.  It is quite possible your uncle was part of them.  I would contact the national archives and get your uncles full service record.  It is possible that his head stone is missing a 0.  Sadly mistakes can happen.  I wish I could be 100 percent but check out the links below; one of the links is for the national achieves I would start there.

I hope this helps and Thank you.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the quick reply.  Here's the problem. All records related to him and his service were burned in the 1973 Archive fire in St. Louis. Other than his Military Insurance Document and his enlistment document, all else is lost, including any action reports etc.

Dalton Pulsipher - Service # 39922412   -  It's almost like he didn't exist for his short 19 years on this earth.  He died 3 months after his 19th birthday.

All I have is his tombstone, several letters home, and the Department of the army letter informing my grandmother of his death, which said nothing of his service unit. Most of the letters were from his training unit in Shelby MI,  but two were from Italy with the APO Stamp of 776 on the envelope indicting 3rd Infantry Division.  In his letters and V-mail though he continued to write APO 15358 which doesn't seem to match anything via the Army APO system.

Can you explain the 5 digit APO he wrote on his last letters?


According to my research 15358 was from Italy.  Not sure of where in Italy but other letters came from this APO.  One place you might check for more information is
Ancestry has a free trial that be helpful.

I wish I had more.  I wish you success in your research.  

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