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My Father was in the 1o6th CA AAA he enlisted in 39 and was at Camp Hulen all of 41 and trained with 106th along side of the 105 CA AAA
they were both at KAsserine pass.
My father was 2 miles east of Tebessa when Rommel attacked. his goal eas Tebeebesa, but was afraid of a counter attack, which worhless Ferdendale had no plans to do.

Queston was the AAA units up to full strength then? My Father was in Btry D gardind a supply dump, I know the are 8 40 MM per Btry. Would it take 8 40's to guard a supply dump or were they not up to full strength then? BTW the 106th didn't get their 40's until Ireland in 42

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Antiaircraft units were normally undermanned due to the waning state of the Luftwaffe and too many gunners would fire on allied aircraft.  Eight 40mm for a supply dump sounds right, but if it was a large supply base  a 90mm would used for long range antiaircraft fire.  

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