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i recently got a ring from a friend who said she got it from her husband who had served in the US navy in ww2. i was wandering if you could tell me if this is real or if it is worth anything. on the back inside of the band is what looks like the number 800 but could be something else with the sig runes next to it engraved.

Hello Chris , your ring appears to be of German make, the deign on the shield(on side) of ring is that of the "SS" of German WW2 military origin , I think it is an original , but am not a German item expert ,I would suggest you try some online sites of WW2 German militaria, sorry I cana't be of more help , but hope the "SS" info helps you in the right direction ......
The "800" mark could be for the amount of rings of this type that were made , or the makers note as are the runes , I would also suggest looking up rune' emblems to see if anything on the ring matches up that could help in the ID of it also .

I also think seeing as the "Viking" is center of the rings design that it would be of a ship/battle ship related form, but I haven't heard of the "SS" being involved on the Naval side , but anything is possible .

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