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Jan1916 sp255 303.....patronenfabrik...Karlsruhe....slk40 shell that has the primer still n tact.this headstamp is cut down.the nitrocellulose is barnacled and the patina is  greened from a long stay n the water...theres still sediment n it.the primer cap is n preserved emmaculate condition ..the makers initials r pristine .l.f.j. ....240 mm naval artillary shell with fuse still n tact..possible scapa flow me

It could be from Scapa Flow it they interned Austrian ships there.

They were the first German heavy gun to use brass cartridges.  It looks like it would predate S

They were used by the Austrians and the ammunition could well have been made by the German works in Karlsruhe.

Do you have any provenance that suggests it was recovered from Scapa Flow?  I would bet more on it being from somewhere the Austrian Fleet operated in the Med in WWI.  The only evidence I could find was that the gun was used by the Austrians more than the KriegsMarine.  Where it was recovered would be paramount to determining whether it has any historical importance.

That it was never fired, primer intact etc, says it was thrown overboard or blown overboard by enemy fire or other event.

These are the German ships upon which it was used.  None were scuttled at Scapa Flow. But some saw service in the Baltic and other places during WWI.  

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