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I am looking for any information about my Grandfathers time in service. He has recently passed and I am finding all his military possessions and am craving all info I can find. I found this apron in his things and wonder how this can relate to him. I also have his uniform


The 728th stayed stateside during WWII to protect War Production factories around Detroit and helped put down the Detroit race riots. After the war it was deployed to Korea.

You don't say when your grandfather served, whether it was WWII or Korea.

Don't know how the bunting banner you have figures into things, as there is no evidence the 728th was ever attached to the 7th Armored division.  It may have been a souvenir he pickedup, or he may have been on attached duty with the 7th at some point in time.  Only a history of his service will tell you that.  You need to request his service records.
Does his uniform have any distinctive badges or pins that might indicate what division he was attached to if he was?

Here is a brief history of his Battalion.

Here are instructions on how to file the necessary form from the link above.

The form will give you the times and dates of your kin's service, and deactivation, along with all the  units he served in.

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