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Dad was in the 1850th Command Unit out Camp Chaffee out of Ft Smith Ark.  He was a truck driver for the 106th AAA.
He drove a deuce and a half from Chaffee to NY City.
One of the things he talked about.
Question did they drive straight thru (I doubt that) but did the stop at Army bases or State parks?
What did they eat?
When did C and K rations come out
Did they eat while driving?
Were they given rations or sandwiches at the Army bases? If they did stop there
2.5 ton truck would travel at 35 or 40 MPH on a 2 lane paved road?
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Here it is again

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It is an honor to help.  First off the route would be planned out.  Drivers were give money or script that would allow them to use local hotel or motels if they were too far from a Military base to stop for a night.  Driver crews also were given money to eat on the way.  Many a driver would eat at a Greasy spoon or a local diner.  Not many Chain restaurants during World War 2.  Sometimes food would be brought from base but restaurants breaks were common.  

The C ration was developed in 1938 and was mainly used overseas.

The K ration were developed in 1942 and first used by paratroopers

If drivers were rushed for time then they would eat on the drive

If troops were close to a base they would stop for eating it depended on location of base and the drive destination
The Standard World War 2 ton truck could drive at 45 miles per hour on a good paved road.

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