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This references the question John Vargas answered:
2012-03-03 WWII WAC WAAF Flight Engineer:
We will be setting a headstone on her unmarked grave in
San Antonio the first week of November.  I want to add the
wings she was awarded.  But there seems to be two possible variations of what she may have worn.
On the only image we have of her, her wings are blurred.
Given this information:
PFC Emma Jane Burrows Windham
Awarded Aerial Engineer wings Great Falls Montana approx 43 or 44.
Killed in mid air collision between B-17 and C-47 30 March 1945, Bovingdon, England.
She was performing flight duty as AE (Aerial Engineer)

I can find two slightly different versions of the wings she would have worn. Pictures are attached. Which would you consider to be the correct one.
Thank You
Ron Strickland
CW4, US Army (Ret)

I will send the second wing style. Can only attach 2 pics.


Hello Ron, according to Wikipedia the "Flight Engineer" wings were not "Officially" approved for wear until 19 June 1945 , so your wing pin should be the "air Crew" type you posted the photo of, you can see the "Flight Engineer" wing at the link below , but I feel the "correct" wing should be the Air Crew one.
on you search bar type in "Flight Engineer badge" you them see the "Wikipedia" page with that title and the pin that was authorized June 1945 .

I hope this helps , all the best !!!!!!!!!!!!

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