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Col. Lynn:

My father's records were destroyed in the 1960's fire at St. Louis Records Center.  My sister and I are trying to trace my Father's footsteps during WWII.  
The information that I have is from his discharge papers:
Date of induction 27 Jul 1943; date of entry into active service 17 Aug 1943; date of departure from New York 23 Mar 1944; arrived Ireland 3 Apr 1944.  Wounds received in action, France 20 Jun 1944 and 5 Aug 1944.  Departed England 29 Nov 1944 and arrived in New York 12 Dec 1944.
It also shows that he was in Co. M, 38th Regt., 2nd Div., I do know that he landed on Omaha Beach D-Day+1.
We would really like to know where in Ireland they bivoced and specifically where he would have been in England while he was hospitalized.  His first wound was shrapnel in the arm and the 2nd wound was his left leg and arm.
Dad never talked much about his service and what he would say didn't really generate details.  It is our desire to know where he was so that we can walk in his footsteps.  We also plan on being on the beach at Omaha for the 75th anniversary.
We would greatly appreciate any information that you can provide.
My heart felt thanks in advance,

Dear Linda,
         The fire you mention happened in 1973 not the 1960s. The 2nd Infantry Division left New York on 8 October 1943 on the USS Florence Nightingale (AP-70) and the USS Susan B. Anthony (AP-72). They arrived in Northern Ireland on 17 October 1943 and the unit was encamped in the Armagh/Newry areas with the Headquarters at Armagh on 20 October 1943. His unit was in the second wave of American units which arrived between October, 1943 to June, 1944. The locations for the 2nd Infantry Division was as follows:

*April 19, 1944-Tenby, Wales
*May 15, 1944 to June 3, 1944-St. Donats, England
*June 4 to 7, 1944-Bristol, England and at sea
*June 8, 1944-Easy/Red Beach Omaha and St. Laurent-sur-Mer, France
*June 9, 1944-Formigny, France
*June 10, 1944-Le Molay, France
*June 15, 1944-Cerisy-la-Foret, France
*June 29, 1944-St. Jean-des-Baisants, France
*August 2, 1944-Laveniers, France

In regard to the hospitals, you can contact the National Archives at for a list of hospitals in England in 1944-1945. May God Bless-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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