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My grandfather requested his decorations from the Air Force about 15 years ago. They sent a plain package with the medals, ribbons, and service stars in there.  I may have lost some of these stars and I'm not sure how many were in there to begin with.

They didn't specify what went with what, just kinda threw them in a package and mailed it. I'm trying to put this all together in a shadowbox, properly.

Perhaps you could help me figure out which service stars go where? I'll guess the Asiatic-Pacific medal might get the only ones, but does the American Campaign Medal get any? Maybe the Good Conduct Medal? Wikipedia says they give a Good Conduct Medal for each year sometimes?

The DD-214 says: American Campaign Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Victory Medal, and then it says: Distinguished Unit Badge GO | HQ 20AF |JUN 45

Battles and Campaigns: Air Offensive Japan China Central Burma India-Burma, Air Combat

The other thing I'd like to figure out is proper shoulder patches...
768th Bomb Squadron, 462nd Bomb Group, 20th Air Force..   But would you wear 3 patches? Or just maybe your squad and AF? And on which shoulder goes what?

Thanks for any help


Hi, thanks for your question, I was away on vacation so I apologize for the delay in responding. Your American Campaign medal will get a star if he participated in any "combat operations" in the American Theater, IE "Sub hunting" off the California Coast etc. The Asiatic medal WILL get a star if he participated in any campaigns and one star for each campaign up to 4 bronze stars and at the 5th it is represented with a silver star and subsequent bronze stars to 9 and so on and so forth. The good conduct does not get a star and they had a different device for additional good conduct medals. The WWII Victory is generally not a medal that you see a star on, however, to distinguish "combat troops" from "Rear echelon" and support troops that did NOT participate in any combat, soldiers did put stars on their Victory Medals.In order to determine just how many stars he had you would need to find the unit history in the national archives and what he participated in. As far as the patches, on a uniform jacket you see one, two and even in rare cases three patches on the uniform, left shoulder, right shoulder and on the sleeve at times but that is a rare occurrence. Depending on what order he would have had the "combat patch" be the 768th bomb or 462nd bomb on right and the 20th Air Force on the left. On his tunic he would also had any "wings", collar insignia, overseas has marks for service, unit citations etc sewn on or pinned on. Hope this helps.

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