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My Dad was with Company C of the 346th Infantry Regiment assigned to the 87th Infantry Division during World War 2 in France. My question is, I would like to know what he would have had as a shoulder patch on his uniform. I want to set up a display with his medals and the correct patches in his honor. I have asked many different people but have not really gotten a good answer. Thank You

Hello Gerard , the shoulder patch would have been the 87th Infantry Division , which is a round pea green background with yellow border and a yellow sillouette of an Acorn in the center of the patch , here's a couple of sites that will be of help if you haven't already been to them , but if you just type in on search bar 87th Infantry Division patch/emblem you'll see the design .

Good luck and I hope I've been some help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On his Dress uniform there would have been what ever medals/ribbons awarded to him ,Infantry crossed rifles on the lapels ,and possibly the 346th Inf Regimental Distinctive metal pins , depending on if they had then at the time he was serving .  

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