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Hello: I am in an argument with someone who thinks an electric jet-pack under development ( ) is the best way to aid special forces get quickly to battle and out again safely.I think electric dirt bikes are the way to go,as they are silent and fast.Who is right? Thanks


Thought you might like this article it applies to your question.  The website is pretty cool, and keeps you up to date on the latest mil-tech and issues of the day, and trouble spots.  Dunnigan, one of the creators was a well known wargames author a few decades ago and still works closely with the Pentagon. He was publisher of some of the original "monster" counter and map wargames in the 70's most notably "Barbarossa" the first board game simulation of the Eastern Front.  He has published a number of books based on data he collected for games, some of which never got released.  the books are entitled, "Dirty Little Secrets of World War II" and others.

I'm afraid that both of you are wrong.  While the ideas sound good and yours worked for Chuck Norris in his movies, both are pretty much fantasy.

Special operators usually carry between 48 (fighting load) to 72 lbs or more. Riding into combat on a motor cycle is not the most ideal way to enter a threat area, imagine the kewpie dolls in the carnival shooting galleries.

Having a noisy jet pack to help you run is pretty stupid too.  I would interfere with your ability to hear and you don't see much running and very little afterwards when the ambush opens up on you.

The best way to enter combat for SOF is the way they have done it since Viet Nam, helo insertion, and then humping in on foot.  Read up on how a SOF patrol moves.  Each person is assigned a quadrant to watch as they move.  Front, right, left and behind.  They move slowly, like still hunting...take a few steps, then freeze, waiting for something ahead of you to move, much like stalking while deer hunting.  The first one to see the other is the one that loses.  Moving in enemy territory is not like you see in the movies, unless you want to get shot.  Today they teach better movement discipline in the regular army units than they used to.  The new red dot sights allow the cool gun up movement you see on the screen, allowing snap shooting.  But noise and movement discipline is the key.  Move slowly and freeze, especially in thick cover where visibility is at a minimum, and an ambush is always a possibility.  Many an ambush has been compromised by some dog face losing his patience, or swatting at a fly.  The night "ambush" in the movie Platoon is a perfect example of how not to carry out an ambush.

So sadly, until soldiers have mech suites that can jump a mile at a time, like in the original book, Starship Troopers, they will have to be heloed in, or maybe teleported when that becomes available.  

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