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I am trying to find records of the 38th US Infantry regiment's service in War I. Regiment received the designation of the rock of the Marne, but my interest is particular in that we have a number of men who have marker in cemeteries that served in the 28th Infantry and were killed in Action on October 9, 1918.  We are trying to establish a time line for events.

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         According to the date you gave, the 38th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division was on a line from the north edge of Woods 250, 300 meters south of Hill 253, to 134 kilometers east of Gesnes. On October 9, 1918, the sector is reduced 1 kilometer on the left (west) by relinquishing the line to the 32nd Infantry Division. Units of the 3rd Infantry Division capture Hill 235, Bois de Cunel, and La Mamelle Trench 34 kilometers south of the road from Cunel to Romagne-sous-Montfaucon, and establishes a front from the north edge of the Bois de Cunel to 1 kilometer southeast of Romagne-sous-Montfaucon.

The following is a list of books on the 38th Infantry Regiment in World War I:

*Fretwell, Frank M. The Rock Of The Marne-A Narration Of The Military Exploits of General Ulysses Grant McAlexander at the Second Battle Of The Marne.

*Lovejoy, Clarence E. The Story Of The Thirty-Eighth.

*Woodbridge, Jesse W. The Giants Of The Marne-A Story Of McAlexander And His Regiment.

*Woodbridge, Jesse W. The Rock Of The Marne-A Chronological Story Of The 38th Regiment, U.S. Infantry.

Further information can be gotten from the National Archives by searching the following:

*Records Of U.S. Army Regular Army Units, 1821-1942

*Photographs Of The 3rd Infantry Division In World War I

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