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Hello Mr. Sutton,

I found this link about the Japanese fortifications and airfields:

I was unable to find out when the fortresses were built. Do you happen to know?

I am particularly interested in the airfields Kitanodai, Kashibawara, Myoshino, Suribachi, the Naval Airfield Musashi, the seaplane base Kataoka and Kakumabtsu airstrip. Had these already been built in June of 1942?

Again I am also looking for:
1.) Which air units were deployed there in early June of 1942?
2.) What planes were they flying?
3.) How many of each type of plane did they have?

I think this one will be a challenge for you!   = )


Most of the fortifications were built just before and during World War 2.  The defenses were expanded during the war As the US took Island after Island.

54th Sentai (Ki-43 Oscar) 18 in a squadron
203 Air Group and North Sea Fleet; equipped with A6M5s and J1N1-S 18 aircraft per squadron
Miyoshino Airfield
A6m2s for the IJN and Ki-43 for the Japanese army.  About 18 aircraft per squadron
no airfield until 1943
Naval Airfield Musashi
A6M2s 18 aircraft

seaplane base Kataoka
H6K2 Mavis flying boats 6 to 12 could be serviced.

I hope this helps and Thank you  

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