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PFC James A. Seitz Headstone
PFC James A. Seitz Hea  
Mr. Sutton,

I am needing to request information from USAHRC for the below listed Soldier (who was my great uncle).  Can you assist in filling in the blanks below?

Name:   James A. Seitz
Rank:   Private First Class
Serial Number:   ?
Entered Service From:   Indiana
Unit:   Company ?, ? Battalion, 334th Infantry Regiment, 84th Infantry Division
Date KIA:   December 6, 1944

Very Respectfully,

Michael A. Seitz
Master Sergeant


I am honored to help.  I have not been able to locate his serial number but there are a couple of places you will want to check.  The National Archives is the first place to check.  Only family members can request information.  If that is unsuccessful I would try  There is a book about your Great Uncle's unit that has a list of all soldiers that lost their lives during World War 2 and it may have the information you seek.  I don't have this book in my collection but does have it.  I would also check with your local library and see if they can order the book for you. I have attached a link to the book Fortune Favored the Brave: A History of the 334th Infantry 84th Division that might help.

I wish I had more; I thank you for your service.

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