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I have this sword I bought from a man who claimed to have picked it up in japan. He was told it was a pilot's sword. I've spent alot of time loooking it up and couln't find a sword like it. I was hoping to get some help identifying it so I can learn more about what I have. It would be greatly appreciated!


When did the man claim to get the sword?  Most swords were brought back by Gis mainly from the Philippines and some occupation troops did bring home some swords.  Around 1 million swords came to the US after World War 2 and most were machine made.  With the serial number on your blade I would have to say machine made but the scabbard and handle are unique.  It is possible a family blade had broken and a officer had a machine blade fitted to it.  This is a rare piece and I would have a sword smith look at it.  I have included some websites that can help and get you a more accurate description..  I my opinion you have a machine made katana blade but with a unique handle and scabbard.

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