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Mr. Horrell,

My father was a T/5 in the 195th Ordnance Depot Company during World War II (1942-1945). I am looking for information on his unit. There is not much available on the Internet. I know he was in the 1st US Army from his letters home, but not the corps or battalion. His APO was 230 and the return address was c/o P.M. New York, N.Y. After his name there is the following - ASN 35436313. I also have a timeline he typed out of his unit's movements after landing D Day+13. I'd be happy to share that with you if it would be helpful. I am working with the children of a woman whose family he was billeted with in Welkenraedt, Belgium before the Battle of the Bulge. We recently connected and are trying to provide more context to what we know. Our intention is to retrace my father's journey across Europe together - the children of the Allied soldier and his Belgium friends. Very respectfully,


Good Day,
       Thank you for your question.  Also, THANK YOU for referring to me as "Mr. Horrell".  Good manners NEVER go out-of-style.
       In your question you typed that your "father was a T/5".  A Tech-5 was paid $66.00 per month.
       In your question you typed "195th Ordnance Depot Company".  I am familiar with the 195th Ordnance Depot Company, assigned [assigned] to the 71st Ordnance Battalion, which was assigned [assigned] to US First Army, 1943-45.
       In your question you typed "There is not much available on the Internet."  That is because the internet is a source for information.  I assume you desire FACTS, which are found in books, which have editors to check for factual content.  The internet has no editors.  That FACTS I will be providing you are from the 14 volume history of US First Army in the ETO, 1943-45.  That, along with some other Primary Source Documents within my library of over 4,000 books about WW 2.
       In your question you typed "he was in the 1st US Army from his letters home, but not the corps or battalion."  No Corps, the 195th was assigned [assigned] to the 71st Ordnance Battalion, which in turn was assigned [assigned] to US First Army.
       In your question you typed "His APO was 230".  You are correct, US First Army was assigned APO 230.
       In your question you typed "After his name there is the following - ASN 35436313."  That was your father's Army Serial Number, in other words, his I.D. Number.
       In your question you typed "I also have a timeline.......if it would be helpful."  YES!!!  Please send a photocopy of the timeline to the address at the end of this reply.  Please enclose your e-mail address for ease of response.  Also, if you have access to the four page Discharge Documents (WD AGO Form 53-55) your father was provided, please enclose a photocopy of those documents also.  Once I have your mailing address I will be sending you some photocopies that may be of further interest to you.
       The following is a thumbnail sketch of the 195th Ordnance Depot Company:

located at Tidworth, England, May 31, 1944

landed across UTAH Beach, D+10 (Friday, June 16, 1944) 186 Officers & Enlisted Men, 108 vehicles


Normandy          June 6-July 24, 1944
Northern France     July 25-September 14, 1944
Rhineland          September 15, 1944-March 21, 1945
Ardennes-Alsace     December 16, 1944-January 15, 1945
Central Europe      March 22-May 8, 1945

located at Cretteville, France, July 24, 1944

the 71st Ordnance Battalion was located at Melun, France, August 31, 1944

the 71st Ordnance Battalion was located at Eupen, Belgium, December 15, 1944

awarded a Meritorious Unit Commendation for the period June 15-August 15, 1944.  General Order #253, HQ, US Ninth Army, awarded June 17, 1945

served with the Army of Occupation, Germany, May 2-October 31, 1945

       I will eagerly await a packet from you sent to me via First Class USPS.
       Good Luck with your quest.

   Richard V. Horrell
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