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sir,i was stationed at da nang a.b.,south Vietnam with 1st maw,mag-11.I was with vmfaw-232 from 11-15-1966 till 6-30-1967.I extended for 6 more months and joined vmcj-1 on 7-1-1967 thru 4-1-1968.What awards,etc. were awarded to marine 1st air wing,Mag-11,VMFAW-232 AND VMCJ-1? If awarded a nuc, is that a navy unit citation or a navy unit commendation?last question,Do you know why we at the da nang base were not given the combat infantry ribbon being we were under constant rocket attacks and had kia's and wia's ?Thank you for taking my questions.

Dear Celso,
         Here is the information you requested:

1st Marine Aircraft Wing PUC 05/11/1967 to 09/15/1967

MAG 11 Navy Unit Commendation

VMFAW 232 Navy Unit Commendation 11/15/1966 to 06/30/1967

VMCJ 1  One Navy Unit Commendation and One Meritorious Unit Commendation

May God Bless-Lt. Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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