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Hello Colonel Lynn,

My father entered the service in October of 1943, went to the ETO and was discharged in December of 1945, then reenlisted on the same day.

I was wondering why he had to be discharged before reenlisting. Was it maybe necessary to be discharged from the "AUS" in order to reenlist in the regular army?

Also, I don't know what his ASR score was in December 1945, but would it have played into his scenario at all? Could a soldier reenlist at any point after the war, no matter what his ASR was?


Dear James,
You are talking about two different topics. The ASRS or Advanced Service Rating System was used by the U.S. Army to calculate points for each soldier's return to the U.S. and be discharged. This didn't play into your father's re-enlistment at all. In regard to his re-enlistment, the procedure was that you had to be discharged and then get sworn in on a new enlistment ccontact. The AUS was the Army of the United States which was used during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. It reverted to the U.S. Army when the draft was done away with and the volunteer U.S. military came into being. May God Bless - Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard

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