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M2A1 Periscope
M2A1 Periscope  
Hello, I was digging through some old boxes and stumbled into this gem (Attached pic). From what I've gathered it's a periscope from a Sherman tank. I don't know anything else about it. It's in very nice condition, with only a minor chip out of the prism. All the knobs work and the glass is scratch free.

Do you know if this is truly a Sherman periscope? What's the ballpark for how old it is? I think there's another piece that goes with it to correctly orient the picture (Up-side-down when looking through currently). Is there another piece? How rare of an item is this?

I was not able to find much via google search.

I love old military things like this, and it has my curiosity burning.  

If you need me to send more pictures/info, let me know. Just include what you want specifically, and I'll do my best.

Thank you.

The condition of your M20A1 is fantastic.  That means it may have never been put into a tank.  The M20A1 was used in the M41 tank which the USA sold to several foreign countries and made replacement parts for worn out items.  This was most likely designed for the M41 and made in the late 1950 or 1960s.  Late models of Sherman tanks did use the M20A1 but this one never made into a tank.  It could be used as part of a tank reconstruction and would be authentic to many tanks including late model Sherman and M41 tanks.  

This item is hard to find but not impossible.  The M20A1 connected to an external optics.  Both the commander and the gunner had a M20A1 to see and target enemies.  For the external attachments I have not found a model number.  

I hope this helps and check out the links
The first link has some very detailed drawing of the targeting system that will help

Thank you  

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