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Hello Colonel,

When tank training was completed at Ft Knox during WWII, were tank crewman then assigned MOS's at that time, or were they given MOS's after being assigned to a particular type of unit, like the 2736 MOS for medium tanks or the 1736 MOS for light tanks for example. I'm not positive, but I was under the impression tank school covered all types of tanks.

Since I don't have my Dad's records, I was just wondering if his 1736 MOS may have been assigned after his Ft. Knox training was completed, or if that MOS may have come as a result of serving in a Light Tank unit in the ETO.


Dear James,
         The Fort Knox Armored Force Replacement Training Center assigned its trainees according to their military occupational specialty within its training companies during World War II. Each training company consisted of four training platoons: a platoon for tank drivers and mechanics, a platoon for tank gunners, a platoon for drivers of wheeled vehicles, and a platoon for automotive maintenance soldiers. All were trained on stock tanks at Fort Knox. At the completion of training, the personnel were graduated and then assigned to field units or, in some cases, sent to advanced individual specialty training for radiomen, etc. The War Department tasked Fort Knox to send training center graduates to units based on numerical quotas issued in accordance with post, camp, and station demands to fill the U.S. Army Ground Forces. Therefore, what tankers became part of a light or heavy tank crews wasn't pre-determined at Fort Knox because of training, but was a matter of how an individual soldier was assigned upon reaching his final field station or organizational unit. May God Bless-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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