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Mr. Howell. Thanks for the answer to my inquiry of a few days past. You asked for some information re: my fathers discharge from Box 36 of his WD AGO Form 53-55 Document. Here is the information contained therein: Date of Departure 9 Oct 43  Destination   ETO  Dare of Arrival  18 Oct 43
Date of departure 19 Nov 45  Destination  USA  Date of Arrival  25 Nov 45.
I was researching the 255th MP CO. I have a friend who was also an MP, Nam Period who, after I had sent him the picture I mentioned which reflected the 2nd Platoon, Co. A 26th Battalion, searched some sources he has and was unable to find anything about the 26th Battalion. This was apparently the Company that he trained with prior to going to ETO I suspect. The picture was dated 6 May 43. According to the Departure date of the discharge form reflects a date of 9 Oct 43...a thee month separation in time. Mr. Purcell, the Wisc. Vet in his Oral reporting of his time with the 255th indicated that he went to Ft. Custer, Mich. for a short while before going to the ETO. My dad never said anything about going to Ft. Custer however, maybe he did and that might account for the three months. Mr. Purcell indicates that he went to Chaltenham England first then to London. He might have even been in my dad's training co. at Ft. Riley for all I know. I wish people would write names on pictures like the one we have-it would have been helpful.

I see several ribbons mentioned on the Form 53-55 in Box 33. Victory Medal, European-African-Middke Eastern Theater Ribbon and 4-overseas service bars. In the Box 55, there is a notation of a Lapel Button issued ASP Score (2 Sep 45) 78 and Inactive Status ERC From 4 Feb 43 to 10 Feb 43

I thank you for the information regarding obtaining the 255th Unit Records. I will make contact with this group and see what happens with that inquiry.

Unfortunately, personal items seems to somehow get lost over time. I don't recall ever seeing his ribbons or medals. My mother and he divorced in 46 I believe, I would have been 5 years old. A number of personal things were left with his sister. I have a half-brother who mentioned that he had a couple of ribbons and maybe a medal which he had picked up at my aunts home I believe. There was supposedly a trunk with possibly his uniform and who knows what else at her home and after her death a cousin disposed of all of it I think.

Thanks again and I look forward to any further information which the dates I provided might assist your research.

By the way, I don't think the picture that I mentioned and tried to send loaded during the the picture important.

Lastly, I have another group picture of a large Co. of me whoch apears to have been taken in England. In that picture, the men are lined up in front of a large building with a partial name on it...GARDN??


Dear Sir,
       Thank you for your follow-up.  In it you typed "Date of Departure 9 Oct 43.......Arrival 18 Oct 43".

Departure Date:   October 9, 1943
Departure Location:   Boston Port of Embarkation
Troop Ship:   RMS Mauretania
Units Onboard:   108th General Hospital
         255th Military Police Company
Arrival Date:   October 17, 1943
Arrival Location:   Liverpool, England
    7,599 Troops onboard

       In your follow-up you typed "Date of departure 19 Nov 45.......Arrival 25 Nov 45".  Unfortunately, I have no FACTS to share with you as per that specific voyage.  Over the decades I have compiled a Troop Ship Voyage Database with over 12,100 specific voyages (as the one you just read about the RMS Mauretania) by Allied Troop Ships, 1940-47.  Regrettably, your father's return voyage to the USA in November 1945 is not in my database at this time.  I make entries almost on a daily basis, so hopefully the FACTS you desire will come about in the years to come.
       In your follow-up you typed "Ft. Custer, Mich."  Located near Battle Creek, Michigan, Fort Custer was the Military Police Replacement Training Center during WW 2.
       In your follow-up you typed "is the picture important."  Only to you, not to me.
       Good Luck with your quest.

   Richard V. Horrell
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