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My father received a Bronze Star for actions during the Ryukyus campaign. He was in the 105th infantry.Is there anyway to find out any details?


The 105th was one of three regiments in the 27th Infantry Division.  Coincidentally, back in the 1960's my family owned a home just north of where the 105th saw some of its toughest combat.  We had a house that overlooked the ravine just north of Kakazu ridge. I had the opportunity to explore the battle fields and caves only 20 years after the fighting had taken place.

A word here.  The Bronze star could be awarded for many things.  If it was for Valor in combat, it was worn with a V device suspended under it.  It could also be warded for meritorious service.

Check out this site, dedicated to the history of NY military units.  You may see if they can look up your father's award citation, which had to be written up and submitted in order for him to get the award.


Information concerning military awards,commendations, etc. are usually contained in a serviceman's personal records on file at:

National Personnel Records Center,
9700 Page Blvd.
St Louis, MO 63132-5100.

A request for records must contain the signature, service number, etc. of the veteran or the signature of the next of kin.

Obtain and fill out Form 180 -- available at any VA office or at the VA forms web site --(

Other sites of interest:  this is the Army's official history of the Okinawa invasion.

If you read Okinawa the last Battle it chronicles unit engagements at the regiment and battalion level.  To find out the particulars of your father's award, you'll probably need to contact the Personnel Center.

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