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Looking for information on the WWII savage 720 riot gun.  who used this gun and what was it used for? are they rare?  ive read that serial #s for this gun are 69k-90k.  I have purchased one and serial # is in the upper 68k range.  it has the flaming bomb and US it still legit? and what kind of value are they worth?

A very unique weapon.  The 720 was used for two activities mainly.  One to train antiaircraft gunners and second for security operations.  The US Army and Navy used the 720 to train gunners in leading their targets before getting them on the bigger antiaircraft guns.  Much like pilots learning in small planes before graduation to larger more powerful aircraft.  Some were used in combat but not many.  The Navy Shore Patrol and Army MPs used it for POW control and for prisoners.  Only 14,000 were made so not a well known piece; as to prices I have seen from 300 to 900 dollars depending on condition.  The weapon is semi auto so perfectly legal to own.  

The weapon was made from 1942 to 1945 so you have an early war peace.  Most likely made late 1942 or early 1943.

The US Marines used Shot guns in World War 2 in combat but mainly a pump action types.  720s were harder to maintain in the field.
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