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Hi my name is Jake and I would like to ask you four questions.

1.) How are the countries Germany and Greece getting along?

2.) Why did Hitler want to take over all the Jews?

3.) What did Hitler's family and friends think of his decisions?

4.) How did USA now become some what friendly with Germany, today?

Thank you
   Jacob Brogan

Dear Mr. Brogan,
         Here are the answers to your questions:

1. Both Germany and Greece are on friendly terms but have been in diplomatic talks in regard to reparations from what happened during the occupation of Greece by Germany during World War II.

2. Hitler and Germany (as well as other nations) saw the Jews as one of the sources of much of the world's problems.

3. Hitler's immediate family were dead and his friends (his fellow Nazi Party members) agreed with him.

4. Due to the former Soviet Union's takeover of Eastern Europe, the United States saw the need to have a strong West Germany as a bulwark against communism.

May God Bless-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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