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Did the Nazis build ships in the Mediterranean? If so where? Vichy France? Did the Nazis allow the Vichy to keep any of their ships?

Great question.  The Nazi didnít have a large naval force in the Mediterranean due to the large Italian fleet.  Thankfully the Italian Navy was poorly commanded.  The Germans did sail some submarines into the Mediterranean thru the straits of Gibraltar.  The Germans also used a Greek Destroyer the Hermes renamed the ZG3 in the Med.  Also the Germans brought in some smaller vessels into the Med; S-Boats and R-boats.  The R boats were mine sweepers and the S-boats were small torpedo ships similar but larger than American PT boats.  These were used mainly in Italian waters.  But some had operations such as laying mines near Malta and off the coast of Libya.  The German ships were transported thru inland water ways so the Germans didnít build ships in the Med.  

As to the French navy.  In May 1940  with the French surrender some ships allied with Great Britain and some stayed with the Vichy French government.  The British sunk some French ships on July 3, 1940; a British squadron, Force H based at Gibraltar attacked and sunk the French battleship Bretagne.  The French navy warned the Germans if they tried to take the remaining French ships they would scuttle them.  So the French Navy was kept in port and out of the war.  Some French forces joined the British and later the Americans in fighting the Germans.  

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