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I'm hoping that you can help identify a WWI U.S. artillery shell that I have in my collection.  I've searched the internet with no success.  The best that I can tell is that it is a shrapnel shell.  The fuse is dated 1918 and is marked:  Scovill MARK I.  The shell is 7" in diameter.  Any help will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance!

Are you sure its 7 inches in diameter and not seven inches in circumference?

If its seven inches in diameter that would make it a 178 mm shell, kind of an odd size not to say pretty large.

On the other hand, if the diameter (measurement cross wise, not around) is smaller it might be a mortar bomb.

You can rig a primitive caliper using a ruler and two pieces of thin wood. Stand the shell next to the ruler and place the pieces of wood or even paper, perpendicular to the sides and lying across the ruler and read the number of inches between where the paper or wood cross the ruler.

A quick check of Scovil Mk I on Bing brought up the following for a British made mortar bomb using fuses made by Scovil.

If indeed the shell is actually 3 inches or 76 mm or 75 mm that narrows the search down.

What makes you think the shell is US?   You probably know that the US did not have any artillery worthy of the name that was deployed to Europe.  We used French manufactured guns, primarily the French 75mm.

A photo of the projectile would help.

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